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Nuestro fundador y CEO es un reconocido experto mundial en los campos de análisis de opciones reales, valoración de opciones, y aplicaciones de simulación, y ha escrito numerosos artículos y libros sobre estos y otros temas relacionados. A continuación se presenta una muestra de sus libros que son pertinentes para el software, consultoría, formación y servicios prestados por el Real opciones de valuación, Inc.
Applied Risk Analysis: Moving Beyond Uncertainty, 1st Edition (Wiley, 2003)

Análisis de riesgo aplicado. Más allá de la incertidumbre. 1 Edición. (Wiley, 2003). Applied Risk Analysis del Dr. Johnathan Mun (Wiley 2003), incluye un CD-ROM con una serie de modelos de hoja de cálculo en Excel que van desde simulaciones estocásticas hasta la optimización de recursos. El libro y el software están siendo adoptados por diversas universidades de todo el mundo en sus programas MBA. Las principales industrias se encuentran en el proceso de adopción de las metodologías descritas en el libro y el software.

"Once again, Dr. Mun has created a ‘must-have, must-read’ book for anyone interested in the practical application of risk analysis. Other books speak in academic generalities, or focus on one area of risk application. Applied Risk Analysis gets to the heart of the matter with applications for every area of risk analysis. You have a real option to buy almost any book–you should exercise your option and get this one!"
–Glenn Kautt, MBA, CFP, EA, President and Chairman, Monitor Group, Inc.

"Johnathan Mun’s book is a sparkling jewel in my finance library. Mun demonstrates a deep understanding of the underlying mathematical theory in his ability to reduce complex concepts to lucid explanations and applications. For this reason, he’s my favorite writer in this field."
–Janet Tavakoli, President, Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc. and author of Collateralized Debt Obligations & Structured Finance

"Every year the market of managerial books is flooded again and again. This book is different. It puts a valuable tool into the hands of corporate managers who are willing to stand up against uncertainties and risks and are determined to deliver value to shareholder and society, even in rough times. It is a book for the new generation of managers, for whom Corporate America is waiting."
–Dr. Markus Götz Junginger, Managing Partner, IBCOL Consulting AG (Switzerland)

"Dr. Mun breaks through the hyperbole and presents a clear step-by-step approach revealing to readers how quantitative methods and tools can truly make a difference. In short, he teaches you what's relevant and a ‘must know.’ I highly recommend this book, especially if you want to effectively incorporate the latest technologies into your decision making process for your real world business."
–Dr. Paul W. Finnegan, MD, MBA, Vice President, Commercial Operations and Development, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"A must read for product portfolio managers... it captures the risk exposure of strategic investments, and provides management with estimates of potential outcomes and options for risk mitigation."
–Rafael Gutierrez, Exec. Director of Strategic Marketing Planning, Seagate Technology

"Johnathan Mun has previously published a number of very popular books dealing with different aspects of risk analysis-associated techniques and tools. This last publication puts all the pieces together. The book is really unavoidable for any professional who wants to address risk evaluation following a logical, concrete and conclusive approach."
–Jean Louis Vaysse, Deputy Vice President Marketing, Airbus (France)