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Version 2012 now supports English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish!

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· American, Asian, Bermudan, Customized, European Options
· Abandonment, Barrier, Chooser, Contraction, Expansion, Wait and Defer, Simultaneous, Sequential Compound, Stage-Gate, Changing Volatility Options, Multiple Asset and Multiple Phased Options, All Types of Financial Options, Exotic Options, Performance-Based and Employee Stock Options (the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board uses this software!)
· Over 300+ Exotic and Advanced Options and Options-related Models (Closed-form, American Approximation, State Pricing, Bond Options, Variance Reduction Analytical Methods, Binomial, Trinomial Mean-Reversion, Quadranomial Jump-Diffusion, Pentanomial Dual Asset Rainbow Compound, Forfeitures, Suboptimal Exercise, Structured Financial Vehicles, Non-marketability Discount, Performance-Based Options, Simulation-Based Option Valuation, and much more)!
· Create an Infinite Combination of Your Own Customizable Options
· Run Thousands of Lattice Steps in Seconds
· Software is in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese
· Standalone software with Excel add-in functionality (simulation and optimization compatible)
· Support materials: 8 books, training DVD, live courses, user manual, help file, extensive library of example files, sample business cases, and live project consultants
· Visible equations and functions