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ROV Compiler: Why ROV Compiler? (What ROV Compiler is used for) {3 min}
ROV Compiler: Using ROV Compiler (Running, Settings and Compiling XLS Files) {8 min}
ROV Compiler: Using ROV Compiled File (Running Compiled EXE Files) {2 min}

Compile any existing Excel 2002, 2003, 2007 model into an executable EXE file
Compiled files will function exactly like an Excel file, with all of the Excel functionalities as well as Excel look-and-feel, but the end-user will not have access to the calculations, functions or logic
All computations are embedded in binary format that is encrypted and not accessible to the end-user
Safely and securely distribute the model without losing control of any intellectual property or company secrets
Locked using a 2048 bit RSA encryption (more powerful and secure than military strength protection)
Create user licenses (number of uses, date and number of days)
Maintains a strict quality control and prevents malicious tampering or accidental breakage of the model (no more broken links, wrong functions and calculations, and so forth)
Usable by third-party software applications in a Component Based Modeling environment called in command console mode
Use Excel as a programming platform instead of just modeling… you do not need to learn advanced software programming to create your own licensed software!