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RISK SIMULATOR RUNTIME is the FREE* basic runtime version of Risk Simulator 2012. In the full version of Risk Simulator, you can set up and run advanced simulation, forecasting, analytics, and optimization. RUNTIME, however, is a scaled down version that can only run simulations and optimizations on models that have been previously set up using the full version. A simple analogy is Adobe PDF Reader (this runtime version can only open/read previously created PDF files) versus the full-version of Adobe Professional Writer (capable of creating PDFs as well as performing many other functions). To understand the full functionality of Risk Simulator, we recommend you visit the software's web page, watch some getting started videos, and download and explore the full version (the default trial license is 10 days).

This RUNTIME software is FREE for all current customers with purchased licenses of the full version. You can download the fully functional RUNTIME software with a default 10-day trial period and contact us at admin@realoptionsvaluation.com for your free license. All others interested in the tool will only have to pay a small nominal fee. Please contact us for more information.

The free RISK SIMULATOR RUNTIME software can be used to perform the following functions:

1. Run a simulation in a previously set up model
2. Run an optimization in a previously set up model
3. Create simulation reports
5. Change, delete, and switch between simulation and optimization profiles
6. Edit simulation profile settings
7. Run simulations and dynamic optimizations at super speed
8. Step and reset simulation runs
9. Extract simulated data
10. Open or import saved simulation results
11. Run overlay charts (PDF, CDF, ICDF, S-curves)
12. Switch among 10 languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
13. Switch among 6 random number simulation methods
14. Switch among 3 correlation copula methods
15. Switch between Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube Sample methods

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